Presenter Evening Wind Down.  Monday to Thursday 6pm till 9pm

My fascination with music ignited during my early years, likely sparked by tuning into Springbok Radio and later Radio 5. Soon, I found myself crafting mix tapes filled with my favorite tunes. Word spread at school, leading to invites to the hippest garage parties of the 80s, always with requests for my tapes and LPs.

To me, the magic of music lies in its ability to transport us back to cherished memories with just a single note. I'm an avid fan of 70s, 80s, Blues, Rock, Country, and Pop, but my admiration for Pink Floyd's musical genius knows no bounds.

After pursuing studies and becoming a Geometric Designer, I ventured into DJing at various events like weddings and corporate functions. Now, 28 years down the line, I've passed the torch to my son, entrusting him with my business.

I'm thrilled to join the AirFM family, where I can share my musical expertise and passion with our listeners. Being part of this incredible team not only enriches my life but also brings me immense joy every moment I'm on air. It's an honor to contribute to your cherished memories