Presenter, Saturday Afternoons
That 90s & 2000s Show 3pm till 5pm

Lockdown brought many sad moments, but it also brought us closer together. Many years ago, when I was much younger, I worked with a man who did mobile discos. I was immediately hooked and got involved, learning how all the equipment worked.

I did this for many years before moving into the pub and club circuit. However, after getting married, I didn't continue with this hobby for a long time. Then came lockdown, and I started doing sets online on Instagram and Facebook, which rekindled my passion. I reconnected with my old boss, who now runs a local community radio station. After a few beers, I persuaded him to give me a regular show.

Another station came along, and now I have a regular Thursday night show called "That 80's & 90's Show." Things have been going very well, and I have also put together "That 90's & 2000's Show," which is now broadcast on numerous radio stations around the world, including Air FM in Cape Town.