Presenter Saturday Afternoons.  The All Request Life Style Show, 12 pm to 3pm

My journey into the world of radio began in a modest shack when I was just five years old, where my aspirations first took shape. Around the same time, there was an opportunity for me to showcase children's clothing at a store in Blue Route Tokai, but my mother turned it down. Despite these initial setbacks, my love for broadcasting continued to grow.


It wasn't until my late thirties that I landed a role in Egoli, Place of Gold, emerging victorious among twelve thousand other hopefuls. For fifteen years, I dedicated myself to being a radio presenter, enduring the late-night shifts with unwavering commitment. Transitioning to television, I used my platform to shine a light on pressing societal issues such as gangsterism and domestic abuse.


I am Grateful to John De Menezes, Vanessa De Menezes, Brent Meder, and 'Harry' for entrusting me with the role of Air Fm Presenter. Throughout it all, my faith in Jesus Christ has been my guiding force, sustaining me through every triumph and trial.